Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fun down at Matekai Park

On Friday all of our junior classes went to Matekai Park. It was AWESOME!!!!! We went looking for the golden stripped geckos that live in the park ... but they were too well hidden and we didn't see any. Our class is named after the golden geckos. We saw pine cones, kowhai trees, pepper tree and flax. Thanks to our parents for coming with us for a walk.


  1. Hi Gecko Class.
    The walk through Matekai Park was lots of fun. You all found so many different sorts of trees and leaves. You all loved hiding in the long grass just like real geckos would. Thank you for including me in your special day.
    Claire (Drew's Mum)

    1. Thanks for coming on our trip Claire, we had so much fun with you.

  2. Hey Gecko class.
    We are really enjoying looking and reading about your different adventures.
    Metekai Park looks amazing.
    We would like to hide in the long grass too,we wouldn't find Geckos though,probebly lots of ants,spiders and possibly a few squirrels!

  3. Nightingale Class, we would love to see squirrels in our park. Some of us have seen them in books and think they look cute.