Thursday, 30 May 2013

Finding a Kowhai tree outside our door.

Our inquiry topic this term is all about how we use trees. We are learning about all the lovely native New Zealand trees in our local area and school. Today we went for a walk to find the Kowhai tree. There was one just outside our classroom! It has yellow flowers on it and seed pods that have little yellow seeds. The Tui (NZ native bird) likes to visit the Kowhai tree. I wonder why? Do you know?


  1. We think the Tui want to get the nectar from the kowhai flowers! We've seen them feasting on the flowers in our huge kowhai tree! From Joel and Esther :)

  2. Year 1 Fieldhead carr primary school5 June 2013 at 01:11

    We think that the Tui birds want to eat the seeds from the tree.

    1. Hi Year 1 class, thanks for your comment on our blog. The tui likes to drink the nectar out of the Kowhai tree flowers. It must be delicious but only if you are a bird!

  3. This is a very beautiful tree and we thought very hard and think that the bird eats the seeds.
    What does the Tui look like?
    Do they like being around children or do they fly away (like ours do) when you all go out to play?

  4. The tuis do fly away when we come out to play but we can hear them from inside our classroom. Sometimes we can look out the window and see lots of them in the trees around our classroom. We will post a photo of a tui just for you.