Monday, 3 June 2013

Observational drawing fun.

We have been busy looking closely at leaves we have found in our school forest. We each found our own individual leaf and took our time drawing using magnifying glasses. One of our discoveries was that leaves have veins and lots of lines and marks on them.


  1. What a great discovery Gecko class! It's so much fun exploring the environment we live in, it's so beautiful and full of surprises :) Have fun!

  2. It sounds like you had a very exciting time exploring,we like to explore too.
    You have a lovely area in your school to investigate.
    What did you find?
    We have lots of ladybirds here at the moment and a few bumble bees are buzzing around the flower garden.
    It looks so sunny where you are,we have had lots of rain but the sun is trying very hard to come out from behind the clouds today.

  3. Hi Nightingale class. Our sun is shining today but it is very cold because it is winter. It might be 16 degrees today which is very chilly for us but we know that is quite warm for you. In our forest we found monkey tails, leaves, branches, worms and we heard a tui in the trees.