Monday, 3 June 2013

How do you use trees?

This term we are learning all about trees. Our inquiry question is 'how do we use trees'. Can you tell us how you trees at your school or home?


  1. Hello everyone in Gecko room. What a fantastic question.
    Trees are amazing and we are very lucky to have so many in the area we live as well as our school.
    We have a forest area,this is where we do alot of our outdoor learning.
    We have tree stumps where we sit and listen to stories and special trees that are always so full of different mini-beasts.
    We also have a giant oak that has an interactive camera/birdbox on,this is fed through the school via our whiteboards,at the moment it is home to a Great-Tit and 4 fledglings,they will be leaving the nest very soon.
    More than anything though we like to sit in the shade of the trees (when the sun shines) and relax with friends.

  2. Thanks Nightingale Class for your comment on our blog. We were interested to hear that you also have a forest area at your school and you love yours as much as we love ours.

  3. Hi Gecko class. I have a walnut tree at my house which gives us lots of walnuts to eat. Even Tilly our puppy loves eating them when they fall on the ground. Trees can be used to grow us food. We also have lemon trees, apple trees and a feijoa tree, they are very useful.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mrs Taylor. How many walnuts do you have on your tree? Some Geckos don't know what a walnut looks like and wonder if you have any you could bring to school next week?