Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Koru Landing big opening morning!

This morning we had our Koru Landing opening ceremony. Our Principal Miss Hepworth thanked all the adults for their help to make our school look beautiful. She also thanked the children for their ideas to make Koru Landing. Mr Pritt did all the hard work making Koru Landing and Mrs Peters designed it. Thanks so much you guys! Our school gardens are looking so great and we love to play in them. In the middle of the path in Koru Landing there is a beautiful koru shape, we will try and take a photo of it to show you. Do you know what a koru is?


  1. Mrs Cooper was so proud of all the Geckos sitting beautifully and listening carefully during our Koru Landing opening this morning, ka pai guys!

  2. We like the look of your gardens and hope you have a lovely time playing in them.
    We thought really hard and think the Koru might be an animal.